Patient Satisfaction

The physicians and staff at Cardiovascular & Thoracic Sugerons—Gwinnett Medical Group is committed to transforming healthcare. We take pride in our clinical outcomes, as well as the overall satisfaction of our patients and their families. Below are some of their testimonials:

    Dr. Langford took her hand and he told us, “we can do this.” That was incredibly encouraging at a time that we were afraid our next stop would be the funeral home.

    For every patient, there’s a family. I think that hospitals forget that sometimes, but at GMC we never felt left out or forgotten. We had never experienced that level of care before in any hospital setting.

    For the first time ever, all the doctors that were involved with Arlene’s care knew what the other was doing and they conferred as to what the best care plan would be. Have never had so many different specialties know what the other was doing! Very impressive.

    — Chris, daughter-in-law of a patient


    My Dad, who is 84 years old, is doing great after quadruple bypass surgery. I thank God for His Goodness and Mercy. He has been faithful.

    Gwinnett Medical Center has the best cardiologists, heart surgeons and wonderful staff. We are very grateful to especially Dr. Manfred Sandler (my dad's favorite cardiologist), the one and only Dr. David Langford (the best heart surgeon with wonderful sense of humor), and our dearest Dr. Julius Ajayi (my dad's long term primary care physician).

    All the staff at cardiology are friendly and great with all the patients and their families. We are blessed.

    — Cissy, daughter of a patient


    The difference is huge, like the difference between the sky and the earth. Before the surgery, I wouldn’t even try to go up two stairs. Now I can go whatever the distance.

    Eyasu, an international patient


    Dr. Langford, the nurses and other cardiac professionals demonstrate amazing experience and skill, but also manage to show a very human side.

    I feel a lot better than before the surgery and have more energy.

    Emma, a patient from Duluth